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Printed Planner/ Journal/ Scrapbook "Power Of Being Understood"

Printed Planner/ Journal/ Scrapbook "Power Of Being Understood"

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All-In One Planner/Journal/Workbook/Scrapbook/Vision Board

Get ready to plan, build, and understand your life to the fullest! This All-In One Planner/Journal is designed to help you save on all your planning tools and to better understand yourself by accessing and connecting with your inner wisdom. There are also worksheets for tracking and logging your dreams, thoughts, feelings, emotions, etc. Sometimes, we have to learn to listen to our inner wisdom and trust our instincts. When you have understood you, you will be able to move forward with making sound decisions in your life with extreme confidence.

Included In This Planner/Journal: 

A total of 78 templates for you to create your planner. This is a physical copy!!(Printed on copy paper)

x1 Cover Page

x1 Welcome Page

x3 Weekly Schedule Planner

x3 Checklists

x9 Calendar Sheets (April-December 2022)

x2 Weekly Planners

x2 Daily Planners

x3 Goal-Setting Sheets

x2 Positive Affirmation Sheets

x2 28-Day Self-Love Challenge Planner

x1 Self-Awareness Title Page

x6 Self-Awareness Worksheets

x1 Dream Tracker Title Page

x4 Dream Trackers

x1 Thoughts & Emotions Tracker Title Page

x3 Thoughts & Emotions Trackers

x1 Access & Connect Title Page

x4 Access & Connect Worksheets

x1 My Journal Title Page

x15 Journal Sheets

x1 My Scrapbook & Vision Board Title Page

x3 Timeline Scrapbook Sheets

x2 Vision Board Sheets

x1 Back Cover Page


Bonus Sheets:

 x2 Monthly Bill Trackers

x4 Event Trackers


*This is a Physical Copy!! (You will receive planner sheets through the mail)

Note: You may not share, resell, or alter these files. This is for personal use only!


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